• Made specifically for A&A by Turbosmart, this is our quietest valve and recommended only for stock vehicles making less than 600 RWHP. Includes a 2” aluminum nipple with a hose bead that is V Band clamped to the valve.


  • Our Blowoff Valves are manufactured by Turbosmart of Australia specifically for A&A under a Private Label agreement.

    The Race Port is famous for being an amazingly small and light BOV for supercharged competition level engines. Featuring our unique collar design and internal flow structures, it is 50% lighter and 25% smaller than the competition while flowing 330 CFM - making it the highest flowing BOV of its type on the market.


  • The 52MM Big Bubba looks like our standard 38MM valve on steroids. The huge bore allows the piston to react to boost and vacuum changes much more quickly as well as increasing the airflow capacity exponentially.

    We recommend this valve for our highest horsepower street and race application.

    Standard feature
    • Single Outlet Filter


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