A&A Secondary Belt Drive System



Fits C5 And C6 Corvette

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A&A Secondary Belt Drive System

The A&A Secondary Drive is unique in that it does NOT drive the accessories via the air conditioning belt like other systems. The A/C belt remains untouched. The accessory drive shaft pulley is driven by its own dedicated belt. This allows full belt wrap around the crankshaft pulley as well as the accessory drive shaft pulley and the ability to tension this belt separately. This eliminates accessory belt slip that plagues other systems. Our system also utilizes a spring tensioner on the alternator/power steering belt which allows proper belt wrap and tension.

Our Secondary Drive has been updated with a larger transfer pulley to slow the bearing speed. We are also including a GRIPTEC transfer pulley. Both these modifications help eliminate belt slip without having to run the transfer pulley belt so tight.

  • Design testing showed the torque needed to slip the accessory drive shaft belt was nearly TRIPLE that of designs that use the A/C belt to drive everything. This eliminates voltage loss at high RPM from slipping, as well as belt squeal in slow corners with the A/C on.
  • This kit INCLUDES our PROPRIETARY 8 RIB SFI approved 10% OVERDRIVE BALANCER, all belts, hoses, pulleys and tensioners needed. (Will NOT work with stock, or standard Innovators West or ATI balancer)

Using our Secondary Drive allows the use of a much shorter belt to drive the supercharger which eliminates stretch and belt whip. This is the ultimate belt drive system for street-driven C5 and C6 Corvettes as well as dedicated race cars with or without A/C.

Requires modification of the stock alternator/power steering bracket. (Or add our brand new modified bracket at checkout.)



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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 17 in

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