Each tensioner is machined from 9.6 pounds of 6061 Aluminum bar. The shaft is precision machined 4340 Chromoly steel. The tensioner rotates on German-manufactured bearings that are precision fit, much like an engine bearing. The bores are set for a certain amount of “crush” so that the shaft to bearing clearance is within the range specified by the bearing manufacturer.

That’s the quality side of the tensioner assembly. On the practical side, we have 2 internal spring settings. A 1000 HP drag racer obviously needs more spring pressure than a 600 HP daily driver, right? This can be accomplished with just one tensioner! We even have an optional spring for super high horsepower drag racers. There is also a “lock pin” so the tensioner can be rotated to the slack position and locked in place. This is a huge help when installing a belt, changing an alternator, etc. Fighting the spring tensioner is a thing of the past.