A&A C7 Corvette Mounting Bracket With Adjustable Billet Tensioner



  • Our mounting bracket/tensioner assembly is state of the art
  • Unsurpassed belt wrap on the supercharger pulley
  • Unsurpassed belt wrap on the crankshaft pulley
  • Standard Polished Finish

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Finish Upgrade


The main plate is machined on both sides to assure absolute flatness and accuracy. Super strong bracing, Grade 8 hardware, all steel pulleys with dual bearings, stainless or aluminum stantions for proper bearing support and our adjustable billet tensioner are all standard. Our C7 brackets are also set up to use 8 or 10 rib drive pulleys without modification, right out of the box.

Our bracket assemblies have often been described as “jewelry”. Look at the overall quality of the machine work and components. They really are works of art.

Combined with our billet tensioner, the A&A bracket offers unsurpassed belt wrap on the supercharger pulley as well as the crankshaft pulley for exceptional grip.

Each tensioner is machined from 9.6 pounds of 6061 Aluminum bar. The shaft is precision machined 4340 Chromoly steel. The tensioner rotates on

German manufactured bearings that are precision fit much like an engine bearing. The bores are set for a certain amount of “crush” so that the shaft to bearing clearance is within the range specified by the bearing manufacturer.

That’s the quality side of the tensioner assembly. On the practical side, we have 2 internal spring settings. A 1000 HP drag racer obviously needs more spring pressure than a 600 HP daily driver, right? This can be accomplished with just one tensioner! We even have an optional spring for super high horsepower drag racers. There is also a “lock pin” so the tensioner can be rotated to the slack position and locked in place. This is a huge help when installing a belt, changing an alternator etc. Fighting the spring tensioner is a thing of the past.

No other manufacturer has a tensioner that is even close to ours in both quality and practicality.

Each one is hand assembled at our facility and checked for proper operation and spring tension with a digital torque meter. NOBODY else does that but A&A!

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in
Year and Model

2014, 2015 up


Black Anodized +100.00, Polished Finish – Standard

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