Alky Control Methanol Injection Systems

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Alky Control Methanol Injection Systems


Alkycontrol Methanol Injection kits for the C5, C6 and C7 Corvette platforms.
Each kit is vehicle specific and will not fit any other application without major modifications. Instructions, tip sheets, and tech support is included. 1000’s of these kit have been sold. Will support 650 RWHP on a single. Twin nozzle upgrades available to increase delivery and support more power. Over 1000 RWHP has been made on 93 Octane pump gas and this kit running straight methanol 0n LS  and LT based motors.

Available Upgrade

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Progressive controller
GM 2 BAR MAP sensor
90 micron in line filter
Teflon lined stainless AN lines- no plastic pushlock lines in these kits!
Modified pump rated for 100% Methanol- Running 100% Methanol adds high Octane fuel as well as cooling the intake charge tremendously. Water / Methanol only cools. It does not add the necessary Octane for maximum power output. 
ALKY CONTROL is the only system recommended by A&A.

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C5, C6, C7