Ti Trim Head Units



Performance Specs

  • Internal Step-Up Ratio: 3.61:1
  • Max Speed: 52,000 RPM
  • Max Boost: 22 PSI
  • Max Flow: 1,250 CFM
  • Max Power: 900
  • HP Peak Efficiency: 78%

Standard Features

  • Polished  Finish
  • V2 – Pressure Lubed From The Engines Oil System – Helical Gears

Upgrade Options



Ti Trim Head Units

The Ti Trim is the next step up from the Si and more suited for those running aftermarket camshafts, free flowing exhaust, Methanol Injection etc. It’s a relatively small step up but enough to get you to 700 RWHP with supporting engine and fuel system mods. We’ve seen 800 RWHP from the Ti but, in our opinion, that is way up in YSi territory.

The standard V2 (ENGINE OIL FED) and V3 (SELF CONTAINED OILING) models, with their highly advanced computer designed gears feature an optimized helical profile which allows for quieter operation while providing superior performance. All V2 and V3 units feature a 3.6:1 internal step-up ratio and are direct bolt-on replacements for our Si head units.

  • The new improved Ti impeller provides increased flow and efficiency over earlier designs.
  • Available in Polished or Satin Black finishes and engine oiled (V2) or self- contained (V3) versions
  • We also have a great “Trade In” program that you should take advantage of when looking to step up to a bigger head unit.

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

Polished Finish – Standard, Satin Black Finish +200.00

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