A&A 52MM “Big Bubba” Blowoff Valve



The 52MM Big Bubba looks like our standard 38MM valve on steroids. The huge bore allows the piston to react to boost and vacuum changes much more quickly as well as increasing the airflow capacity exponentially.

We recommend this valve for our highest horsepower street and race application.

Standard feature

  • Single Outlet Filter

Additional Options



The sound of this valve can also be tuned from “mild to wild

The standard outlet filter makes this valve very aggressive but not obnoxious.  It has a smooth sound with no fluttering.

Replacing the filter with a “trumpet” makes the valve extremely aggressive and truly obnoxious. This is going to attract attention wherever you go. Period!

For those needing a high flowing valve but not wanting the associated noise, we make a separate “muffler” that really quiets it down. We attach a 2” silicone hose in place of the filter and extend the exit to an area in the engine bay that is more muffled. We then weld a manifold together that splits the hose into two outlets and add two filters. Besides the quieter location, we have reduced the velocity and noise of the exiting air by half. This is my preferred configuration and what I have run on all my personal cars for the last few years.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in

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