Performance 8 and 10 Rib Overdrive Balancers for C5 and C6



We offer our proprietary harmonic balancers manufactured by Innovators West.

Standard Option:

  • 8 RIB

Wet or Dry Sump *

Rib Upgrade


Our balancers are machined with an extra set of grooves to drive our Secondary Drive accessory shaft. These balancers can only be purchased through A&A or one of our authorized retailers.

They are 10% overdriven so please take that into account when selecting your supercharger pulley size.

While they will work just fine on a traditional drive or some competitors drive that uses the A/C belt to drive the accessories, these are the ONLY balancers that will work with the A&A Secondary Drive.

For over 25 years Innovators West has produced high quality SFI 18.1 certified harmonic balancers right here in the United States with all American components.

With a standard all aluminum case design for lower reciprocating weight, stress-proof steel hub and 1040 steel internal inertia rings for outstanding durability, Innovators West Balancers are a great investment for your street or race vehicle.

Inside the light weight billet aluminum cover is a free floating wet friction clutch pack assembly that utilizes spring loaded inertia rings to dampen crankshaft harmonics over a wide RPM range. The rings work in conjunction with clutches to provide outstanding dampening action. That action does generate some heat, and we use a small amount of fluid inside that acts as a lubricant as well as dissipates heat to the outer body.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
Dry Sump

LS3, LS7

Wet Sump

LS1, LS2, LS3

Rib Configurations

10 Rib, 8 Rib

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